What Type Of Booths Do You Offer?

We offer a full line of Spray Booths for automotive and industrial applications. We have cross-drafts, side-drafts, down-drafts, filter booths, truck booths and mixing rooms.


What’s Included With The Booths?

The booth comes with the first set of filters, light fixtures (less bulbs), fan(s), motor(s), and all necessary hardware for installation.


What’s Not Included with the Booth?

Duct work is available and figured on a job-to-job basis. Electrical wiring and fire suppression systems are to be done by licensed professionals and must meet all applicable codes. Permits are the responsibility of the owner. Freight is additional.


Do Your Booths Meet Code?

Yes. All KAYCO Booths are manufactured in accordance with OSHA 1910 and NFPA 33 Codes. Electrical, plumbing, and sprinklers (not included) must, also conform to these regulations.


Can You Custom Build Spray Booths To Fit My Needs?

Yes. We can modify any of our spray booths to fit many different needs. Whether you need it longer, shorter, taller or wider, we can manufacture to your specifications.


Do You Offer Heaters For Other Manufacturers Booths?

We can retrofit almost any booth with a heated air make up unit.


What Kind Of Construction Is The Booth?

Our models are single-skin booths. We use prime 18-guage galvanized sheet metal. The panels are formed with companion flanges and pre-punched for nut-and –bolt assembly. We use structural steel supports. Our doors are double skinned with steel tubing frames inside. The interior surfaces of the booth are designed to be smooth and continuous to prevent buildup of residue.


How Long Does It Take To Get A Booth?

Generally we are on a 3-5 week delivery. We build every booth as it is ordered.


Do You Have A Painted White Model?

Yes, We Offer all of our models with a powder-coating option. Powder-coating may require additional time for delivery.


Do You Finance Booths?

We work with several different lending sources for your leasing needs.


Can Your Booth Operate Off Single-Phase Power?

Yes. KAYCO booths are standard with 230 volt, 60 cycle, 3-phase motors. Single-phase is available at an additional cost.


How Long Have You Been In Business?

KAYCO has been involved in the design, manufacturing, and installation of spray booths since 1978.



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